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7 Reasons Why Coding Course is Important for Kids

Coding Course for kids
December 15th, 2020

Coding or computer coding as popularly known has become a versatile, diverse and yet very important a language for the advancement of science and technologies in this era. This involves understanding, using, modifying and moulding the computer...
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Tech Giants are the new educator for kids

Tech Giants are the new educator for kids
November 9th, 2020

There is one skill that the big names of tech endorse whole heartedly. Facebook’s founder Mark Zuckerberg, Twitter’s Jack Dorsey, Gabe Newell of Valve and Microsoft’s Bill Gates, they all recommend that young children learn...
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Tips To Make Coding a Fun Activity for Your Kids

Tips To Make Coding a Fun Activity for Your Kids
September 29th, 2020

In today’s world, a simple knowledge of computer is not enough for anyone as digital technology is attaining new heights every day. Parents are more concerned about giving practical digital knowledge to their children at school level which will...
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5 Amazing Advantages of Learning Robotics for Children

Amazing Advantages of Learning Robotics for Children
September 12th, 2020

“There are an endless number of things to discover about robotics. A lot of it is just too fantastic for people to believe” – Daniel H. Wilson Technology is changing and expanding day by day. Also, it is changing the way people do their...
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Amazing Tips to Teach Artificial Intelligence (AI) To Your Kids In 2020

Artificial Intelligence for children
August 31st, 2020

Artificial Intelligence or AI is a new horizon in the digital sector. It gives a unique frontier to humans to interact with technologies. By 2025, 75% of companies could be using some form of AI (McKinsey Global Institute) Artificial...
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Python Programming for Children- Parent’s Basic Guide to Introduce Python to Kids

Python classes for kids
August 17th, 2020

Are you afraid of 'Python'? Most of the people will nod their head in affirmation. But it is not true even children love to play with python. Don’t panic? Here we are talking about ‘PYTHON’, a general-purpose computer programming language...
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5 Amazing tips to teach Coding or Computer Programming to your Children

Computer Programming for Children
July 14th, 2020

In the education world scenario, coding classes for kids are becoming increasingly popular with a large number of parents discarding the old EC activities and showing their interest in coding programs. Most of the parents, who are already in the...
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Coding – The Coolest Summertime Activity for Your Children in 2020

June 18th, 2020

When we hear summers the first thing that hits our mind is ‘Play’. Most of the parents encourage their children to participate in such kinds of activities which widen their interest and enhance skills. But this year has a different story for...
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How to start Coding and Computer Programming for Kids

June 10th, 2020

Nowadays, children are showing interests in computers, video games, smartphones, tablets, and other electronic gadgets from a young age. And, it is also possible that they might have shown their interest in learning how to code. But, is it good for...
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